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About Us

ValetPRO was founded in 2005, when Greg started the company from his garden shed with just a £1,000 investment. We’re over the moon with the progress we’ve made since then and couldn’t be prouder of our achievements… so let us boast about them a little. Here are a few key facts that you might be interested to know about ValetPRO:
  • ValetPRO is a strong and rapidly growing manufacturer of car care products based in the UK.
  • We are specialists in pH neutral formulations.
  • Using our know-how and experience we’ve developed a wide range of safe and efficient cleaning products. This means that delicate surfaces such as chrome, polished aluminium or magnesium wheels can be cleaned without fear of corrosion.
  • We have retailers scattered across the globe with a particularly strong presence in Europe.
  • pH Neutral Snow Foam, Bilberry Wheel Cleaner and Dragon’s Breath are our most popular products.
  • Unlike most car care manufacturers, we develop our products ourselves.
  • We’re also one of few car care manufacturers that doesn't sell to the end-user -we prefer to focus on supporting our retailers rather than becoming competition for them.
  • We’ve been known to spend a long time perfecting a new product. Quite a long time. In fact, we spent an entire year developing Purple Passion until we were satisfied that it was perfect.
  • We’ve had our labels translated into eight languages to assist our retailers and consumers.
  • We’ve acquired retailers in thirty-four countries.
  • Whilst some of our products are bought in, we’re proud of the fact that most are made in-house.
  • ValetPRO currently employs twenty people, however we often take on temporary staff to help see us through our busy season.
  • We’ve been told we have an incredible turn-around time. This usually averages at under a week.
  • Our brand has been featured in various different media publications including Top Gear, Autosport, Detailing World, Modern Mini and EVO magazine amongst many others.
  • We are strong supporters of BEN, an automotive charity.
  • We’re very involved in sponsorships and are currently supporting George Karellas. You can follow his projects from our blog.
  • In 2010 we’d moved into our first warehouse in Framfield.
  • In 2012, we moved into a warehouse in Golden Cross, where we quickly expanded into an adjacent second warehouse.

On Friday 6th April 2018, we moved to Newhaven, where we work from a warehouse of 12,000 square feet -a big jump from Greg’s garden shed.